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More than just a character, Holy Molé is a cartoon that represents the place where higher aspirations of existence intertwine with the practicality of everyday living. The two main characters represent this dichotomy and, through their friendshp, they find a balance that is essential and love that is enduring. The cartoon is not intended to be religious; rather it represents the archetypical seeker in society striving for meaning in an often-complex world.

Each character in the strip represents a particular aspect of life. The main character, Holy Molé, strives for meaning and purpose beyond the mechanics of day-to-day living. It is ones' higher ambition, encompassing virtue, meaning and ones' aspirations. On the other hand, Kool Kat,
Holy Molé's best friend, represents the life that occurs
as we dream of higher living. He negotiates the
world through practicality and ironically true peace
of mind, raising the question: Which path is truly
more enlightened? Other members of the cartoon
cast represent the whimsical side of life, reminding
us not to take the drama too seriously, or else we
may miss the fun - the only true tragedy.
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